About us
Mission Statement: Passionately creating exceptional and innovative living environments.
Albion Residential is focused on the acquisition, development and operation of Midwestern luxury rental apartments communities.
Albion analyzes each opportunity from a unique and practiced perspective. Our responsibility does not stop at developing or acquiring apartment buildings. Instead, Albion focuses on cultivating an atmosphere to live, to work, to play, to entertain, to relax, to be.
Albion prioritizes the resident’s experience by building comfortable, social and interactive environments.
We aim to provide the foundation for a collaborative community. The implementation of this goal leads to financial returns that outperform the industry. Our demonstrated ability to think dynamically generates long term results for our partners, investors and the community.
The apartment industry has generally adopted innovative change at a glacial pace. At Albion, we are continuously brainstorming new, contemporary-living ideas. By successfully merging traditional necessities with first class amenities and design elements, we take pride in our exceptional customer service and ability to serve residents across various Midwest markets.
Albion’s completed projects represent best-in-class across all design, style and function components. The design and development of individual living spaces as well as the luxury-driven and spa-inspired amenities resemble a boutique hotel rather than an apartment building, further distinguishing Albion from the competition.